Truancy Law
Truancy Law
Posted on 10/12/2016

It is important for your student to be at school all day every day.  Students that miss excessive amounts of school tend to struggle academically and miss out of the learning opportunities Hillcrest PDS is providing. Chapter 25 of the Education Code outline the laws regarding truancy:

Waco ISD must file truancy if a student has unexcused absences for ten or more days or parts of days in a six month period.  Waco ISD will issue a warning letter if your child has unexcused absences for three or more days or parts of days in a four week period.  The warning letter will provide a date and time to meet with the campus Parent Campus Liaison (PCL) and campus administration.

A “part of day” is defined as missing more than 30 minutes of school a day.  This includes arriving late or leaving school early.

A note should be sent to school with your child if he/she has been absent.  The school attendance office will determine if the reason qualifies as excused or unexcused. Vacations are not an excused absence.  If your child has been absent for more than five consecutive days a note from the doctor is required.  If your student is sent home ill from the school, a note is still needed from the parent or doctor to excuse the absence.  If you check your child in late or out early due to a medical appointment please bring a doctor’s note to excuse the appointment.