SWARM for Red Ribbon Week
SWARM for Red Ribbon Week
Posted on 10/25/2016

Part of our Red Ribbon Week will be SWARM on Wednesday. We will have emergency vehicles on campus for all our students to see. What vehicles?

1. Sheriff's department helicopter
2. Waco PD/Woodway SWAT vehicles
3. Department of Public Safety black and white police vehicles
4. Drug Enforcement Administration
5. Waco PD K-9
6. Waco PD patrol
7. Waco PD traffic unit

We are super excited about this but it will throw our lunch schedules off on Wednesday. All students will be eating at different times and in their classrooms so we will not allow any lunch visitors on campus. We apologize for this change but we know the students will be amazed at what they get to experience with SWARM.

Click here to see pictures of Red Ribbon.
 It will be updated each day.