Hillcrest PDS History Fair
Hillcrest PDS History Fair
Posted on 01/23/2017

Our judges spent more than 5 hours reading 53 History Fair exhibit boards and process papers.  They said these were the best History Fair projects our 5th graders have ever produced! 

Each student had a different topic that was connected to the national theme, Taking a Stand in History.  We used this theme as the inspiration for our 5th grade Showtime trip and performance this year.  The visit to Little Rock had a dramatic impact on our children.  30 of the 53 History Fair projects related to civil rights or human rights issues. 

Most of the projects were done by individuals, but this year we had a few students who worked as partners.  Three students decided not to do History Fair (topics connected to a national theme), but chose to do independent research on a historic event.  So altogether we had 55 projects and every student in 5th grade participated!

We are allowed to send five projects to experience the Heart of Texas Regional History Fair in February.  The following students were selected by the judges to be our representatives:

  • Willow Cunningham:  Maximilian Kolbe, A Stand to Save
  • Faith Echols:  Sophie Scholl
  • Anna Hogue:  The Jew, The Justice, The Girl (about Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
  • Alex Perez:  Dr. Hector Perez Garcia
  • Mia Perez:  Miep Gies

We are so proud of all our 5th graders!  Congratulations to all of them for their hard work.