Showtime Jr. presents: The Promise of Texas
Showtime Jr. presents: The Promise of Texas
Posted on 02/08/2017

The 4th Grade Hillcrest PDS Theatre Troupe put on their original music production of "The Promise of Texas."

Students based the production on their "Everywhere Learning" trip to Austin, Texas this year where they visited the Bob Bullock Museum, an Aquarium and got to ride on a fairy boat for dinner.

Students rehearsed on multiple Saturdays all day and many days after school. We are grateful for the cooperation and flexibility of our students' parents as well as the hard work of students and campus staff!

Students ran the sound, lights, curtains and took care of the props in this production....a fun and entertaining way to learn (and live through) Texas history.

We hope you enjoyed (or will enjoy) "The Promise of Texas."