5th grade Pioneers!
5th grade Pioneers at HPDS
Posted on 02/24/2017
"Pioneers" is a simulation designed to help our 5th graders learn about the Westward Movement.  Students assume the identities and responsibilities of people who traveled westward on the Oregon Trail.  Students are then divided into wagon trains, they elect a wagon master and plan what supplies they will need for the 6 month journey. To make the simulation more authentic, the students dress in pioneer clothing borrowed from our Showtime costumes.  They travel to and from our social studies class as a wagon train unit.  They earn points, earn or lose energy factors (EFs), and receive delay points (DPs) as they experience fates on the trail and solve dilemmas as a wagon train.  They also write diary entries so they can process the emotional turmoil felt by the pioneers on their trek west. The students are immersed in the experience as they learn why people were willing to risk everything to travel more than 2000 miles in a 6' x 12' covered wagon.  Even their creative and passionate teacher, Mrs. Battles gets into costume and character!