5th grade boys go to A&M
Engineering at Texas A&M
Posted on 04/04/2017
On Saturday, April 1, our 5th grade boys attended the Engineering and Physics Festival at Texas A&M. The students got to experience and learn about lots of different elements of engineering and physics. For example, they got to create slime, create a glitter tornado, watch a watermelon explode because it had rubber bands around the middle of it, ride a Segway, ride a hoverboard, see a super-cool bubble show, see a fire tornado, watch a 6-story-tall pendulum, riding a square-wheeled bicycle and they got to activate Ruben's tube using a keyboard!

These were just some of the fun things they got to experience. Special thanks to our 5th grade teachers for facilitating this unique experience for our students.  Click here to see pictures.